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Christmas Session booked! Now what?

The hard part is over. You have secured your Christmas Mini session! 2020 has been one for the books. Wouldn't you agree? Social distancing, hand sanitizer, school is cancelled, masks - forgetting your mask- and having to go home to get said mask. But you did it! You remembered to book your session! Whew!

But now comes the tricky part. Figuring out your "photo style". Life has been full of sweatpants and bra-less days! So believe me, I know how tricky this part is.

I am shooting my own family photos in September and it took me a minute to figure out the route I wanted to go. A good place to start is YOU. If I am going to be in the photo, I always start with myself. Because I want to hide my belly and my arms, while still looking cute and young. Without trying too hard. Totally doable haha.

So go on Pinterest and Instagram, peruse alllllll the family photos. See what you like and you don't like and start from there. I decided to go the Boho route for my session. So I found a tiered dress that I LOVE. It's a mustard yellow, floral print that is very Fall. I then went to my daughters and found their outfits based on mine, while keeping their personality in mind. Liv is very plain Jane, so I opted for a solid color and very little pizazz. Emme on the other hand gets the bold print and accessories!


Dad's tend to be the most difficult. They just don't get our vision. My husband always says to me "Why are you trying to make me look like Huck Finn?" He's not wrong. But let me tell you, if the people in your family are not comfortable, it will show. And does Matt look like Huck Finn in real life EVER? NO! So don't do it. Envision walking by your framed 11x14 and seeing you guys looking like J Crew models. Weird.

If you and your partner are not going to be in the photos, then your stress level should drop immediately.

Picking outfits for kids is my jam. Really anything goes. Layer sweaters and furry boots, vests and plaids, or wear some matching Christmas pajamas. You can walk into H&M, Gap, Abercrombie, Target etc and find one thing you love and branch off of that!


Here is a Pinterest board that I made just for you!

Hopefully this helps.


As a reminder, all balances are due now and payment can be sent to me at Nikki-Konchak on Venmo. You will receive a reminder email regarding your photo session 48 hours before. And as always please check your email and FB for weather issues, lighting issues prior to leaving for your session.


And finally, don't forget your dog!



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