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Happy &$%!day! You caught me. I literally have no idea what day it is, when the last time I showered was or what my children are doing, but you know what?! We're okayyyy. I am enjoying sleeping in, not going to lie.

This morning was fun for me, I woke up and realized I have 4000 LIKES on my page now! That is SOOO huge! Thanks everyone for following along. This is a weird time and I have basically nothing new to post because you know.....I cant work, so please stay tuned for better content this Summer! Hello warm Summer nights on the beach. Enjoy these sweet photos to get your mind off Coronavirus.

I have a couple of announcements to make as well:

1) I was not offering Front Porch Sessions because everyone else was doing them and I was trying to keep my distance, but I have received 27 messages just last night, so I figured why not! I'm bored, I miss shooting and I can see some of my faves (from the sidewalk).

The peak COVID19 time is apparently right around Easter, so if you are interested in having me swing by, linger in my car and then take some adorable porch photos- hit me up! I have a few families on the books for this week and I will try to coordinate towns to certain days to make it easier. Although, I am hurting financially with this pandemic like so many small businesses, I will not be charging for these porch sessions. Rather, I am asking for you to donate to a local family in need or a local charity. Karma my friends, karma. There is always someone worse off than yourself.

2) I am offering 10% off all e-certificates purchased through the month of April. You can buy for yourself, you can buy for others- it is a savings for yourself and helps me stay afloat! Win-Win!! They can be purchased in any denomination and are sent directly to your email.

If you are not in a position to purchase a e-certificate, please know there are other fun ways to help the small business owners during this insane time. If you see a post, share it! Facebook has strange algorithms and it's hard to get a large audience to see your post. But the more people that share it, the more people see it! Or you can simply LIKE their post! That helps too! Did you see a post on IG or FB that you think your bestie would love? Tag them!

And finally- if you love me and my business- leave a kickass review!!

I miss you all!!

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Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Guys, there is no school till May 4th. Lord help us all. I love my kids, I really really do. But homeschooling is not my thing. I am not a teacher. I have a new found respect for my sister and my kids teachers. I don't know how you do it!! The blank stares and the eye rolls make me mental.

I spent some time on my computer the other day writing down some tips to a client that had some shooting questions and it got me thinking. So, in the spirit of being trapped at home with our people, I thought this would be a great time to show you a little somethin-somethin I've been working on.

I have had to reschedule TONS of shoots, which is super depressing. I always thought I would love to be that Mom that sends her kids to school and did nothing. My husband would work and make millions and I would be the Peg Bundy of the family with fewer belts. Turns out, I enjoy working and making my own money. I am a boss. I love showing my girls that I did it! I started from a small Nikon entry-level camera and now I'm here (you have to rap that like the song to feel the full impact)!

Back to the sessions that are being pushed out. I feel especially for all those families that have booked newborn shoots months in advance. The window is so small to get them in the studio, pose them and have them stay asleep. And that means I don't get to get my weekly baby fix and snuggle all your babies. I feel bad for the families that have extended family sessions booked with family from out of town. I just feel bad in general. But the most important thing right now is to stay healthy. I repeat that in my head 1000 times a day to make myself feel better.

In talking with clients, friends and anyone that will really listen to me (I'm bored, have I said that), most people are okay with just getting a couple of great photos from each session. Kids are tricky, so when you deliver a gorgeous gallery of images, parents are all .....

So to help you take those "one or two" good photos of your kids and most importantly, your doggie, I have created this PDF. Enjoy!

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